Virtual Learning Center

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Learning Management System

What is the Virtual Learning Centre?

UMS has developed a virtual learning centre, where students in grades 5 โ€“ 8 are able to access their classroom content from the internet. From the virtual learning centre, students will be able to view classroom news & events, important calendar dates, homework, photos, classroom notes, and more. We are introducing this type of technology to ensure students have access to information and classroom resources outside of the classroom.

By allowing students to actively participate in their own learning, they can engage in open-ended construction of knowledge. More importantly, it provides the opportunity for students to have more guided approach to learning outside of the classroom.

What is the Virtual Library?

UMS has also developed a new virtual catalog of e-books that we are making available to all of our students. This virtual library allows students to access the UMS library catalog online from the internet. In addition, our e-book catalog will also be made available to all grades at UMS.